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I will be releasing a new album very soon.  It is called, The Traveler's Tale. You are listening to it now.  It is my first Christian/Inspirational album.  All the songs were written by a well known composer in Europe named, Mark Niedzwiedz.  The orchestrations are rich and all songs original.  My daughter Aria Nicole Braswell is a featured artist in a couple of songs and my singing partner in some duets.  If you would like to be put on a list of people to contact when it is here please go to and just let me know and I will contact you then.  It will also be available on itunes in about three weeks. 

Interested in my album, Unchained

There are several ways to get the album.  You can simply go to the "Buy Now" button you see here which will take you to Pay Pal, leave your mailing information and make a purchase using a credit card.  If you're from overseas you can still make a purchase and we will ship to you anywhere it can get to you. The album will be shipped out as soon as the purchase is processed.  Shipping and handling will be included is included in your purchase price. 


If you would like to purchase the album from an affiliated store in your area or other stores we are working on a national distribution program for that purpose.  Currently the album is available in San Antonio at Barnes and Noble stores.  If you want to make a purchase from one of these stores and have the album shipped to you they will do so anywhere in the US.  the telephone #'s to call are 210-558-7302 for local and 1-800-843-2665 Toll Free 

Digital Downloads are available on ITunes.  Just press this link:

You may also purchase the album "We Fall and We Rise Again" at the Gift page or from B&N